Kryolan Dermacolor Skin Concealer Camouflage System

Kryolan Dermacolor Skin Concealer Camouflage System
CAMOUFLAGE SYSTEM is the Paramedical Line developed by KRYOLAN. The Camouflage System is designed to correct skin imperfections or discolorations whether they are accidental, dermatological, surgical or congenital origin. DERMACOLOR CAMOUFLAGE SYSTEM is especially effective in minimizing post surgical conditions either aesthetic or medical. Its effectiveness and quality are proven in intensive and long-term use under clinically supervision.

The intermix able skin tones allow a natural appearance when applied as directed. With proper use of the DERMACOLOR CAMOUFLAGE SYSTEM skin abnormalities in both color and texture can be easily corrected, resulting in both weatherproof and long-lasting effects. With the most advanced Camouflage System the stress and psychological factors arising from such skin problems are lessened and the user will feel greater confidence. The program is effective for men, women and children. See below for application tips.


Have ready

1 sponge for application, 1 powder puff, 1 natural goat hair blending brush, Dermacolor applicator brush.

Preparation of skin

1. Apply Dermacolor Cleansing Lotion (Toner) with cotton pads. Use of Cleansing Lotion is a must to insure waterproofing.
2. If required moisturize the skin with Cream Effective No.2.

Color choice

From the 24 colors available in your Dermacolor Artist Palette, choose a shade or shades (remember, all colors are intermix able and  mixing may be necessary). Due to the influence of the sun, or the change of seasons, the color tone of your skin will change from time to time and you will need to choose 2 -3 different shades. Occasionally check which shade is most appropriate.


Apply Dermacolor Camouflage Creme thin and evenly with a sponge or fingers until 2 cm past the edge of the condition. Fade away the edges with a dry sponge or brush. It may be necessary to dampen the sponge during the application.


To achieve a natural camouflage effect, proper highlighting and shading, (or the application of rouge) is necessary, D32 are your rouge colors.

Applygently and blend in the choice of Dermacolor Rouge from the cheek bone fading away at the temple. Eyebrows and the male beard and mustache areas can be shaded with D40 or other comparable dark colors in your palette.


Once satisfied that the Dermacolor Camouflage Creme has been applied correctly, apply Dermacolor Fixing Powder with your powder puff so, that all the corrected areas are covered. Application of the Powder liberally is a must for weatherproofing.


Allow the powder to set for approximately 5- 10 minutes, ((time-lapse depends on severity of area covered). After this period, the Camouflage Creme is fixed.

Excess Fixing Powder is then gently brushed off with the soft natural goat hair binding brush; taking care not to dislodge or damage the prepared areas.
Mist the face with mineral water or aloe facial mist to soften the effects of the powder. After this fixing process the treated areas are rub resistant and waterproof.

Uneven skin

Under special circumstances, should the skin have scares or uneven surfaces, these can be smoothed over with Dermacolor Skin Plastic.

Additional make-up

If desired a dry makeup may be applied over the treated areas.

Touching up

Touch up should not be necessary as the Dermacolor preparations are waterproof and should last for the whole day. In special circumstances a touch up or replication, including the use of Fixing Powder, might be desired.


Use Dermacolor Cleansing Cream, or in the case of very sensitive skin, Dermacolor Cleansing Milk. Apply Dermacolor cleansing preparation gently onto the made up skin areas, until the camouflage is gently lifted from skin. Remove with a warm damp cloth or damp cotton pads. A second application may be required.

Final Cleansing

For the final cleanse apply Dermacolor Cleansing Lotion (Toner) with cotton pads.

For the milder application of the Toner, you may wish to dilute your product with distilled water.


Dermacolor preparations are clinically tested for skin sensitivity and as yet no toxic or allergic reaction has been observed